Tuesday, August 6, 2013

H&M Online Fall Favorite Outfit

I have a standard outfit I love- and its foolproof. Skinny jeans, floaty top, and open pocket cardigan. SO easy and pulled together. Well, now that H&M is live online for shopping, I decided to create an outfit from their amazing vast database of options! Here goes...

I just love fall, don't you? Its my prettiest season... <3 p="">


Monday, August 5, 2013

"I hate my stomach" - just one of the phrases I wish I could shove back into my mouth....

30 weeks pregnant with Noah

The other day I was chatting with a girlfriend who also recently(a year ago) had a baby. We were bemoaning the way clothing now fits us (it doesn't), and how we used to think we were fat before we had babies (we weren't). Since we were talking clothing I shot out "Oh, I always buy jeans that suck me in. I hate my stomach."..... Uhhh... Yeah. I immediately felt terrible. Why would I say that about myself? In the scheme of things, you hear women say often, "oh I hate my ____ "(insert whatever body part they feel is lacking some attribute). It has become commonplace to trash ourselves- what does it do for us, though?

I constantly strive for authenticity, even when no one else is watching. Why is this important here? Because I feel that to put the energy out there that you "HATE" your body, what will come back to you is a whole lot of bad energy. I do believe that the universe listens when you put energy out there. I spent a large part of my college years in a pretty serious eating disorder spiral, and it taught me that loathing yourself will eat you from the inside out. Hating yourself does nothing, and talking about it- even THINKING about it can be damaging to your self worth and can poison your spirit.

My stomach held my precious baby for 38 weeks. How DARE I "hate" it? It is healthy and strong and did its due diligence and more. It is NOT worthy of my hate. What it IS worthy of, is my time, effort, love, & attention. I want to think with intention- to love and nurture the parts of me that deserve that love. All of me, even the weak, not so pretty parts. So if you are guilty of this self loathing, try to turn your hatred and scorn into positive energy and work on the things you dont love, and above all, work on accepting yourself and your unique beauty. Treat your body like a temple. It is the only one you have...


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Mini Boden Fall

GAH!!!!!! Just when I thought I could save some pennies, the Mini Boden fall collection comes out. I DIE. These are some of my favorites. I buy just a few nice pieces here and there and then pepper them in with some cheaper finds Ive made, from ON, handmedowns, etc. Noah wears a Carters onesie Every day of his life under everything. They fit him PERFECTLY, are nice thick cotton and cheap enough that I dont mind if they get messy. Click on each photo below to go to the website... :)

Also, I bought this jacket for Noah yesterday via ON. Redonk, right!!! Baby clothes! GAH!
Oh, and did I mention my baby is ONE!!! Hold the phone!

I love him more every single day... 


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

House Stars- Classic or Trendy?

In New England, you see a lot of these metal stars on houses and barns. I happen to love the way they look. Dan, not so much. He likes them, but thinks they are trendy. I want one for the front of our house. Can you speak to this? Here are some great examples...

 Thoughts? Me likey. 


Monday, May 20, 2013

Friday, May 17, 2013

Five Things Friday

Hello there! I love Fridays! I know people think its all the same when you are a stay at home mom, but seriously, I *LOVE* having weekend time with Dan. Tonight we are going to watch Shark Tank & devour veggie pad grapow(mine- & make it SUPER spicy please!) and curry(for Dan) from our favorite local thai place.. Tomorrow we will head to the farmers market, maybe mack on some pancakes at Colbys, take the dogs to the beach, and just have a lovely chill weekend.

Here are some things I am salivating over right now...

1. Fiddle leaf fig ficus... I saw this post on Honestly...WTF, and my jaw hit the floor. OMG they are beautiful! I love lots of plants in my house, so I ordered a mini one from Amazon immediately. At 7.99, how could I not? Hopefully I wont kill it.

2. Noahs pop art comic book diapers from Honest Company are making me really happy. He is so stinking CUTE crawling around in these all natural, plant based diapers. what a fabulous company they are. I love these diapers for REALS.

3. This minimalist bamboo dish scrub brush and ceramic stand for sudsing the bubbles keeps your countertops looking chic. This is my newest kitchen love. Its so sleek and simple! And... only $11.99.
Amazon Prime, I think I know I love you.

4. The first strawberry vine blossom popped out today in my garden. I noticed it when I stepped out to take the dogs for a walk this morning, and it made me smile. I pointed it out to Noah and he responded by exclaiming. "DAH!!!".  Well said young grasshopper.

5. Confession- I love the show Dateline. (*CORRECTION! Its 48 Hours mystery and 20/20 specials I love! Dateline too, but REALLY 48 hours mystery. )Murder Mysteries! I cant wait for them each week. One airs tonight- boom. Dan said I have a sick & twisted mind, and he is probably right. Do you watch them? I just cant get enough. Clearly I need to get out more. ;)

Hope you have a lovely amazing weekend!